Daniel Harris Pottery | Gallery | History | first art show 1977

My first art show was in St joe Michigan. My father had, died in the fall of 1977. He had worked with tube radios in the navy during world war ll, and continued  to work in electronics after the war. As a boy I used to play with my dad's old tube radio equipment ,making robots out of them. A few months after my father died I was photographing an old abandoned church,and found inside the vestibule a pile of tube radios. I took the radios to a gallery and called the show pete after my dad. The show pete said what I was trying to say in clay.Be open,let it come out ,work for that spontaneous spiritual moments which is the elliment of chance and the gift of nature. An art credit asked me what is art? I said art is my grandmothers potato soup a simple combinations of flavors which comes together with love.
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